Our History



1936 〜

Shuzo Hongo established Fuji Terminal Works.
Starts manufacturing copper tube terminals. Joint venture for corporate governance in 1943 due to the occurrence of World War II.

1958 〜

Manzo Hongo was demobilized from World War II, independently re-establishing Fuji Terminal Works. With only six employees he resumed the manufacturing of copper tube terminals at the small factory in Kikawa, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City.
The company building is shown in the photograph.

We succeeded in developing Japan’s first automated machine for the manufacture of glass fuses. In the following year, the factory’s accomplishment in automated manufacturing was acknowledged and the company received a letter of appreciation for Excellence in the Production of Electrical Components.

1985 〜

In 1985, the company built a new factory at a site whose area was approximately 9917 m² in Sakutou, Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture.
* The new factory is shown in the photograph.
In 1988, the company began producing and selling thermal fuses.
In 1998, Manzo Hongo, the founder of the company, passed away, and was succeeded as president of the company by Tatsuya Hongo.

1994 〜

In 1994, to increase the production capacity for Glass Fuses and Thermal Cut-off Fuses, new company “Qingdao Fuji Terminal Industry Co.,Ltd.”was founded in Qingdao, China.
In 1996, a sales office (Fuji Terminal (H.K.) Co., Ltd.) was established in Hong Kong.
In 2000, a sales office (Fuji Terminal TAIWAN Inc.) was established in Taiwan.

In 2002, a sales office “Fuji Terminal China Inc.” was established for Terminals.
In 2004, the company HQ was moved to Nishiku, Nishihnmachi, Osaka.
In 2006, the “Victory Policy Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd.” was established.
In 2017, Fuji Terminal marked its 60th Anniversary.