Our 7 strengths

Our 7 strengths

Strong Point1We have a wealth of knowledge on how to do business with foreign companies.

Achieved by an early advancement into overseas markets, using our global sales network spread over five continents, the acquired knowledge and foresight on global business is our greatest strength.
– Seven sales offices around the world.
– Two factory sites around the world.

Strong Point2FUJI China

We had an early business expansion into China, manufacturing and selling crimp terminals for foreign markets.
Fuji China has reached its 15th anniversary, and our sales network has expanded to Shanghai, Beijing, India, and the United States. Our network is firmly rooted in the business environment of Asia, whose importance is continuously increasing with the growth of the Chinese economy.

Strong Point3A Variety of Suppliers

We can give access to business networks which are capable of providing various materials and products from all over the world.
We meet our customers’ varied needs by supplementing our own products with complementary products from other companies.

Strong Point4Long History and Reliability

Our company was founded in 1936, and established in 1958. With our 60th anniversary, we proudly meet the major manufacturing standards accepted internationally.

Strong Point5Made in Japan

Our primary factory is in Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture, and provides a quick turnaround, high quality products, and a caring service matching our customers’ needs.

Strong Point6Leading in the Automation of Fuse Manufacturing

In 1981, we developed Japan’s first automated machines for the manufacture of glass fuses, and thereby established our position as the pioneer of fuse making.

Strong Point7Rich Sources of Information

We push forward in factory automation and IoT, and aim for further product development through various scientific approaches.